Aimanosi is an affordable luxury lingerie line out of Nigeria.

It was borne from personal struggles with finding beautiful, well-made intimate apparel while in Nigeria.

Aimanosi intends to be the premier intimate apparel line manufactured (as many pieces as possible) and marketed primarily in Africa, fitting every customer in a fashionable bra, providing unbelievable support and shape in every size.

Our goals are simple:

To create beautiful, luxurious and well fitted lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes. 

To promote positive body image and self appreciation .

To  continuously produce lingerie that speaks to the vibe of metropolitan cities in Africa- vibrant, tenacious, supportive and vast.

To promote the employment and the use of resources within Africa and by Africans.

To make lingerie  so gorgeous, that everyday is special; because,

Everyday should be seductive!